Preview The New Stillio (beta)

Pack your bags and let's go for a ride 🤩. We are excited to announce the launch of our new web application. The process of managing your webpages and screenshots has become overly simplified with the latest version of the app. The update has the following noticeable improvements:

  • Search & filters (easier to make changes to a subset of your pages by filtering them first)
  • Responsive grid
  • Batch edit also in grid view
  • New Add Webpage(s) form

Search and filters 

It is not uncommon to want to fetch webpages that fit certain criteria. Instead of scrolling endlessly trying to find a webpage, with the new app, a simple search 🔍 (e.g name of the webpage) can save you the day. The search bar is accompanied side-by-side by the powerful filters option. The filters provide you with a full option of how you want your webpages to be listed. The combination of these two features can make you go way granular when searching for webpages e.g you can list the webpages based on their tags, location, status (active/paused), etc.

When the search is done, you also have an option to sort the resultant webpages based on different criteria such as the date the webpage was created, domain, title, capture frequency, etc. This way, the webpages will be presented to you in a more intuitive and easy-to-view/manage manner. You can also specify the number of webpages that you want to be listed on a page.

Responsive grid

The grid view has been redefined and optimized to the last drop. It is fully responsive on all devices. When navigating through the app, rest assured that you are getting the full experience intended for that device.

Batch edit in grid view

Webpages can now be modified (edited) in the grid view. "Hovering" over a webpage in the grid view presents you with an option to make the desired selection for the necessary action on that webpage. You can select an individual webpage or all the webpages to apply the desired action. 

New Add Webpage(s) form

The "Add Webpage" form has been given a flashy revamp ✨ With lots of user experience (UX) factors considered, adding webpages is now like breeze.


The above new features and improvements are the most noticeable ones in this latest release. All other functionalities of the app remain and work the same as before.

Enjoy the new Stillio experience, cheers! 🎉

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