Pausing a URL from screenshots being taken

If you (temporarily) want to prevent screenshots from being taken, but keep access to your screenshots, you may pause your URL.

You can pause or resume URLs from the main page - in Grid view or List view - by toggling the play/pause icon in front of the scheduled screenshot date/time. If a play icon is shown, you can click that to pause it. If a pause icon is shown, you can resume it.

A paused URL is also indicated with a gray and italic date/time.

Pause / resume multiple URLs

In List view, you can also pause or resume multiple URLs at once: 

  • Select the checkboxes for the URLs you want to pause
  • Click the "With selected ..." drop-down and select "Pause / Resume" and "Pause" in the second drop-down. Click Apply to confirm.

To resume multiple URLs, do the same as above but select "Resume" in the second drop-down.

Resume URL with backdated timestamp

If you want to resume a URL with a date in the past, it will capture a new screenshot right away and return to the previously set screenshot frequency. 


A paused URL has a scheduled frequency to be captured every day at 12:00, but it has been 3 months since the last capture and so the old "Next screenshot" time is also 3 months in the past. If you resume the URL, it will capture a new screenshot right away, and it will set the new "Next screenshot" time to 12:00 the next day (or this day if it's still before 12:00 o'clock in your set timezone). 

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