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⚠️ The sync settings can be accessed from  Please note that 3rd party integrations work at 'best effort' and are not guaranteed since we have no end-to-end control of its functionality.

Automatically save screenshots to Dropbox

Stillio can store screenshots in your Dropbox account as soon as the image file is created. After you have connected your account with Dropbox App, a "Stillio" folder is created in your Dropbox/Apps folder. Our app is only allowed to add files and folders in that specific folder, so no other files, folders, and Dropbox settings are accessible to us. 

Example: When you're capturing in your Stillio account and have it synced to Dropbox, it will be stored with the date and time in the file as Dropbox/Apps/Stillio/ If you capture multiple webpages from they will all be stored in this folder.

The following steps are required:

  1. Connect to our Dropbox app
  2. Activate Sync all URL screenshots

Also, check the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this page.

Connect to our Dropbox app

  1. In your Stillio account go to Settings > Apps;
  2. Click the "Authorize Dropbox" button to open the Dropbox app page for Stillio;
  3. Sign in to Dropbox to link with Stillio.

Your Dropbox account is now linked to the Stillio app.

Activate Sync all URL screenshots

Go to Your Settings > Apps to enable or disable saving to Dropbox. To activate this option, set the toggle button to "on" as shown below.


Frequently asked questions about syncing screenshots to your Dropbox account

How does Stillio connect to Dropbox?

We have registered an App at Dropbox with only "App folder" permissions. A dedicated folder named after our app is created within the Apps folder of a user's Dropbox. Our app gets read and write access to this folder only. More info at  Dropbox Documentation.

How can I remove the Stillio app from Dropbox?

You can revoke the Stillio app from accessing your Dropbox by going to and scrolling down to "Apps linked". Locate the Stillio app and press the X at the end of the row to delete it from your linked apps.

Can I change the filename and folder where it's saved?

The folder can not be changed and is always the domain. The first part of the filename can be changed by changing (or adding) a Title to your Webpage capture settings. The timestamp (yyyy-mm-dd-hh-ss) at the end of the filename can not be changed.

It doesn't work, how come?

If you cannot authorize the App, please check that your Dropbox account is still active.

If files are not saved, please check that you have sufficient free disk space both on your computer and your Dropbox account. 

Other reasons can be:

  1. File name is too long. You can shorten the file name by changing the Title field of your Webpage settings in Stillio.
  2. Number of screenshot exceeds Dropbox limits. If you have many Webpages syncing to Dropbox with a high capture frequency (e.g. every hour or quicker) you can disable syncing for some Webpages, by reversing step 3 from Activate sync per Webpage above.
  3. None of the above. Please contact us with as many details as possible.

How many files/folders can the "Stillio" folder contain?

According to Dropbox, you can have up to 300,000 files/sub-folders on desktop devices but that limit could be exceeded on Dropbox's webapp. In the situation that you have reached similar limits on their webapp, we will halt the sync operations and reach out to you. A quick solution to this is to copy the files/folders outside of the folder that syncs with Dropbox (i.e "Stillio" folder).

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