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So you're excited to start using Stillio to capture website screenshots, that's great! Here's how it goes.

Signing up

  1. Register for free. The first step is to create a free trial account
  2. No credit card needed. You can first have a look around and run some tests before deciding what plan to subscribe to.
  3. Confirm your account. After submitting your name, password, email, and timezone, an email with a confirmation link is sent to you. Just to make sure you'll be able to receive our messages.
  4. Start capturing screenshots. After clicking the confirmation link, you can Add your first Webpage 🎉to create a screenshot from a URL and wait a minute or two to see it appear in your account. (Unless you've scheduled it to be taken at a later time and date, of course.)

Ready for a subscription?

Some want to enjoy the full 14 days of the free trial and don't mind the limitations. Others may want to unlock more options immediately and start a paid subscription right away.

⚠️ When you start a paid subscription, this will automatically end the free trial.  

Free trial account options

Our free trials are not as full-featured as our paid subscriptions but should give you a proper sample of how Stillio helps you save time in capturing and archiving web captures. The free trial:

  • Allows up to 4 web page URLs
  • Allows adding one web page at a time (batch upload is available for paid subscriptions)
  • Allows daily, weekly or monthly captures only (other frequencies available for paid subscriptions)

Please note that creating an account is not dependent on the plan you intend to sign up to: the free trial is identical for everyone.

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