How to prevent failed screenshots

Screenshots that failed to capture display our 404 - Page Not Found placeholder image or are not shown on your page. These screenshots are excluded from your monthly usage count and thus not charged for.

The reason for the unsuccessful snapshot is probably one of the following:

Incorrect webpage

The URL may point to a page or domain that no longer exists.
Please verify and change, pause or delete this URL from your account.

File type that cannot be captured

We only capture regular webpages. If the URL points to a different file type (like PDF, TXT, XLS, DOC, etc.) it will fail to capture.
You should change, pause or delete this URL from your account.

Blocked by firewall

If the website does not allow crawlers and bots, it may be getting blocked by the WAF (web application firewall).

Some websites do not allow sneaker botting. A sneaker bot is a software designed to automatically purchase products online at an incredible speed, leaving regular users of the platform frustrated. Websites can easily block and blacklist these kinds of traffic. When we try accessing such sites to capture screenshots using our pool of IP addresses, the site may flag the IP address as a sneaker bot, hence resulting in a failed screenshot.

Proxy providers (services we use to capture from different locations) may also restrict access to certain websites. In such cases, we cannot guarantee successful captures for the affected sites.

For possible solutions, please check the article:  Why am I getting "Access Denied"?

Temporary cause

There may be an incidental cause, like maintenance on the website you capture, a disturbance in the network or a glitch. This should happen only once in a while; if it happens more often, it's likely one of the causes mentioned above.

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