Sync to Slack (with Zapier)

Stillio lets you sync all screenshots to a Slack account by using Zapier. 

⚠️  To start, follow all steps in the Sync to Zapier doc first. Once you have set up your webhook trigger, you can continue to create an action in Zapier.

Add Action

Search and select the "Slack" app. In the next step, you need to select an "Action Event" (For this example, we selected the " Send Direct Message" Action Event).

Click Continue

Select Slack account

In the next step, you need to connect your Slack account and grant access to Zapier to use this account. After linking your account, click "Continue"

Set Action Template

Now your Trigger is set and your Slack account is added to your Zapier account, you tell Zapier what to do when a new screenshot on Stillio is created.

Remember: for the sake of this example, we are using the " Send Direct Message" Action Event, but you can use any of the action events available, as desired. 

The two required fields are:

  • To Username - This is the Slack username that will be notified after a screenshot has been created on Stillio. Right above this option, you have another option to select multiple users.
  • Message Text - This is the message that will be sent to the username specified above. 

Important optional field:

You may want to see a sample of the screenshot in your slack account, setting the "Attach Image By URL" is very handy in this case. You have access to all the information regarding the screenshot that was captured, but you have to ensure that the “Catch Hook” trigger was tested upfront. This is very  important so that Zapier can fetch a sample payload of the screenshot from Stillio. In the "Trigger" section, you should have a screen similar to this if it was successful:

Select the information you are interested in, which will be sent along with the "Message Text" specified above (usually a thumbnail of the captured image).

Click "Continue"

Send a test to Slack

In the next step, you let Zapier send a test message to your Slack account. Click "Test & Continue".

Go to your Slack account and verify that the message and screenshot have been sent:

Activate Zap

In the next step, name your Zap and turn it on:

🎉 Congratulations! Your Stillio screenshots will now be saved to your Slack account.

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