Concierge service (Addon subscription)

Stillio is offered as a self-service screenshot tool to capture and archive web pages. DIY (Do It Yourself) means we can keep subscription fees low. Customers are fully responsible for managing their screenshots, e.g., clicking, hiding, etc., certain elements on the page before the screenshots are captured. We offer the expert mode feature so that you can fine-tune the capture settings. We also have comprehensive support documentation to help you carry out these actions.

Customers with busy schedules or without the technical know-how can outsource these types of tasks to us, referred to as our  concierge service.


The Concierge Service is available for customers on all plans and starts at $99 per month. This includes:

  1. Ten (10) webpages (URLs) are to be checked for improvements. After these ten (10) webpages, subsequent webpages will be charged $15 per webpage.
  2. Every month, an IT account manager will report the URLs worked on and the result obtained for each.
  3. Service support of any kind in less than 24 hours during business days.

Please note that Stillio can never guarantee a successful result for every given webpage worked on. Some conditions may prevent us from capturing a 100% pixel-perfect screenshot. Such conditions include capturing pages containing personalized data, geographical restrictions, cookie requirements, or firewalls that block crawlers like us. Our solution here is described as a best-effort kind of approach.

With the Concierge Service, we aim to get the best screenshot possible for you. You can contact our support team via and describe your needs to get started.

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