Use Expert mode for advanced options

Expert mode offers various options to adjust the screenshot outcome to your needs. Expert mode is often used to click or hide cookie alerts or other popups. It can be enabled from the toggle button in the top right. An understanding of web development techniques is required to use some of these settings.

  • Width - This defines the width (in px) of the screenshot. Select a smaller page width to get the mobile or tablet version of a page (if available).
  • Height - This defines the height (in px) of the screenshot. Selecting 'Auto' will work fine for most pages, to get a full-height screenshot of the whole page, with a max of 30,000px. But you can also select a fixed height in pixels. 
  • Location - Select the GEO-IP location from which the screenshot will be taken.
  • Delay - A bigger or more complex page may need more time to load. Basically, we capture the page when the webserver indicates the page has fully loaded, but sometimes various elements like images benefit from a little more time. Adjust when needed, based on the screenshot result.
  • Click - Element selector that is clicked before taking a screenshot e.g. #accept would click the element with id="accept". You may even paste the full CSS Selector, like .carousel-paginator-list > li:nth-child(4) > button:nth-child(1) that can be copied from your browser DevTools. Tip: Firefox seems to be the most reliable. More info
  • Hide - Element selector that needs to be hidden by setting their style to `display:none !important;`. Useful for hiding popups. See "Click" above for additional CSS Selector context. More info
  • Hover - Element selector that is hovered before taking a screenshot e.g. #menu2 would hover over the element with id="menu2". More info
  • User-agent - Define the User-Agent string used to emulate a particular client.
  • Cookies - Sets a cookie on the request when loading the URL. E.g. showPopup=false. You can set multiple cookies by placing each key=value pair on a new line. (Max 4 cookies). Depending on the website you want to capture, you can use custom cookies to mimic an authenticated user. In your browser, you would need to log in at the target website, then copy the relevant cookies that are saved in your browser and add them to the cookie parameter.
  • Hide cookie banners and Click Accept - A set of predefined rules to hide cookie banners and/or click Ok or Accept buttons that need to be clicked before the page is shown.

⚠️  Though we provide multiple options to improve the accuracy of the screenshot, all captures are "as-is". We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the screenshot upfront as the diversity of web techniques is immense. You should always test your optimal capture settings and regularly review the screenshots in your account. Tweak your settings when needed.

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