Select best Location for Capture Settings

By default, all screenshots are captured from a pool of servers in the USA. However, you can also select a different country from your URL Settings > Location drop-down menu (see Expert Mode). This will allow screenshots to be captured from websites that might have geographical restrictions to who (or actually: what IP addresses) may visit that site. By selecting a different location, the screenshot capture will be routed through a server/IP in that country. 

See our list of countries to capture from.

Localized Google search results

Most organic Google SERP (search engine result pages) will be captured through our USA servers, often even when you select a different Location. We do have 2 alternatives for capturing organic search results, for Australia and The United Kingdom.

Google Australia

If you want to capture organic SERP screenshots for Google Austalia, make sure to use the domain. Our screenshot engine routing automatically detects the domain name and will use an Australian IP to capture the screenshot, regardless the Location you selected for this URL. So you can just leave it to the default (USA) location.


United Kingdom

Same as Australia, but for Google UK, make sure to use the domain. 


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