Add webpage (single or multiple)

In order for Stillio to capture screenshots, you need to add the URL of the Webpage. After clicking the 'Add webpage' button you have 3 choices:

  • Add a Single Webpage
  • Add Multiple URLs at once - only available for paid subscriptions
  • Add From Sitemaponly available for paid subscriptions

For a quick start example, check the video below: 

Adding a single Webpage

💡  Move your mouse pointer over the labels for a description popup.

Basic mode

  • Web address - The only field that is required to enter is the URL field. We need to know what page to capture. It needs to start with http:// or https://
  • Title - Optionally you can set a Title, which will show on your overview page. This is especially useful when you have a very long URL and/or when you have many URLs that seem quite similar.

All other options are preset to common settings, but can be changed as you desire:

  • Capture frequency - Set the interval between each screen capture for this Web address. Defaults to every day can be changed to other frequencies. A plan upgrade may be required to unlock more frequent scheduling to match your subscription.
  • Starting - Default is now, but you can also manually select a time and day.
  • Tags - Helps you to group related URLs with corresponding tags. See Add Tags to group URLs for details.

Expert mode

Enable Expert Mode for the following options: Width, Height, Location, Delay, Click, Hide, Hover, User Agent, and Cookies. For details, see Expert Mode.

Adding Multiple URLs

If you want to add multiple Web pages at once, select this option. Most of the options are the same as for the single webpage form, except for the Title field which can only be set on individual URLs.

From a list (Max 500 URLs at once)

You have a large form field to enter a list of URLs, one on each line. If you want to track all (or many) pages of a single site, you can use a 3rd party tool like to generate a list of URLs. Here you can add your homepage URL, click "Start" and Download the text format on the next page. You can paste these URLs in the Multiple URLs form field.

From a sitemap

If you know the URL of the sitemap in XML format - typically - you can fetch all pages from it and have it automatically added. Before submitting them, you can have a final check to decide which URLs to keep or which to remove from the list. Note that this only works for sitemaps containing links to pages, and not for sitemaps that contain other sitemaps. In that case, you need to add the link to the individual "sub" sitemap to our sitemap fetch form.

Tip: Especially when adding multiple URLs at once, it's very handy to  Add Tags to group URLs.

You can also Edit multiple web pages at once.

Note: All URLs in this page will automatically be scheduled with a 1-minute interval in between to prevent high bursts in website traffic to the target sites.

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