Add Tags to group URLs

You can group URLs by adding one or more tags. This provides easy access to all URLs with the same tag(s).

Add or edit Tags

Tags can be added or edited when you create or edit a URL. Add your tag text in the Tags section.

1. You can simply start typing in the box with the 'Choose or add new tag' placeholder:

2. Important: You need to end your tag with a comma or enter to mark the text as tag. If you forget this step, it won't be recognized as tag and thus not be saved.

3. You can add more tags if you want, or remove a tag by clicking the x on the right of a tag.

Accessing tags

To access your tags click the Tags tab on the homepage of Stillio or go to

Modifying or removing tags

To change or delete a tag, select the "Tags" view and select the tag you want to edit.

To change the name, use the pen icon.
To remove a tag, click the trash bin icon.

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