Hide cookie alerts, modals and pop-ups

Screenshots often contain unwanted elements like cookie alerts, pop-ups, and other (annoying) elements. We often get the question if they can be removed. 

Easy solution

We run a check on each webpage to see if we detect Cookie warnings. If the page matches our list of predefined, common elements we will try to hide it. This should work in many situations but not all since the web is constantly moving and changing. Our default setting for captures is to hide cookie warnings, but you can disable this if you want. The same goes for popups that need an OK or ACCEPT button to be clicked to continue. Though we can often detect this, you should only activate this when needed. By default, this option is turned off. 

You can change these settings in Expert mode at the bottom of the page:

If you still experience unwanted elements on your screenshots, please check one of the options below.

Custom solution

When enabling " Expert mode" (top right) of the Add Webpage form, you can control what elements (class or ID) to click and/or hide before the screenshot is taken. Going down this route will involve a bit of technical knowledge, so you might want to rope in the help of your developer if you’re not too comfortable doing this. For a short guide/example, please check our blog on Hiding Popups from Screenshots.

Whitelist Stillio IP addresses

If you (or your staff) control the website you're screenshotting, you might be able to whitelist our IP addresses so that they will load without unwanted elements like cookie alerts, pop-ups, and discount coupon modals.

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