Whitelist Stillio IP addresses

Our screenshot engine uses a large pool of servers and IP addresses which are randomly selected. 

If you require a fixed IP address to be used on your website, please change your capture settings in order to use one of our Whitelistable servers. By choosing a fixed IP server, you can create custom rules for our screenshot engine, like granting access to pages that are blocked to others or suppress elements like cookie alerts.

Change Location in your Capture Settings

First, enable "Expert mode" in the top right of your Webpage Settings page. Next, change the Location to "USA_01" as shown below.

Important: IP changes may occur without notification up front. Want to be notified when IP addresses change? Check out status.stillio.com and click Subscribe (link at bottom right).

Whitelistable IP addresses

  • USA_01 (Only to be used for own sites that can be whitelisted)

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