Set Screenshot Frequency

The ability to set a capture interval is what makes Stillio the best tool for automated website screenshots. Daily snapshots are most popular, but we offer the flexibility to set a capture frequency like:

  • Once a week
  • Every three days
  • Every month
  • Once an hour
  • Every 8 hours
  • Once a year
  • Every 5 minutes
  • And any regular interval in between

How to set the screenshot capture frequency

When you add a new webpage or edit an existing one, you find the Capture Frequency options on the top right of the page. As "Every day" is the most popular setting, it's selected by default. If you want every week or every month, click the corresponding button. Do you want a different interval? Pick the option on the bottom, which lets you define any other frequency.

Available options

The available capture frequency options depend on your subscription plan. In trial mode and most other (legacy) plans you can capture daily screenshots or at a lower frequency. Options that are greyed out are not available in your current subscription plan. Please upgrade to the Top Shot plan if you want more frequent captures, like every hour.

What is the best screenshot capture frequency?

How often do you want your website screenshots captured? It probably depends on the type of page you want to capture. A rule of thumb here is: Follow the refresh rate. The more often the content on a webpage changes, the higher your capture frequency should be to have an excellent web archive.

Typically, a homepage or key landing page is captured once a day. News index pages may even be worth to capture up to once every hour. Category pages that change less often can probably be archived once a week. Legal pages like terms and conditions can often be captured only once a month.

As each company or organization is unique, we recommend deciding for yourself what screenshot frequencies work best for you.

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