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Stillio lets you create custom email scenarios by using Zapier. Converting the original PNG-image screenshot to PDF requires an account with 3rd party service that handles the conversion. For the example below, we used CloudConvert (check their pricing).

⚠️  To start, follow all steps in the Sync to Zapier doc first. Once you have set up your webhook trigger, you can continue to create an action in Zapier.

Add Actions

The first action we need is the conversion from PNG to PDF. As the web is ever expanding and evolving, multiple apps may be available for this task. For now, we choose CloudConvert.

Add CloudConvert

Search and select the "CloudConvert" app:

Select "Convert File" and click Save + Continue.

Connect CloudConvert Account

To connect Zapier to your CloudConvert account, follow the instructions when you click "Connect An Account". Once connected, you click "Test" to verify a successful connection:

Save + Continue.

Set up conversion template

In the next step you can tell CloudConvert to turn the PNG into a PDF:

After finishing this step, we're not ready yet to activate this Zap as we need to add the second step: Email.

Add Email action

In the bottom left of the screen, add a new action by clicking "+ Add a Step" and select "Action/Search"

Search and select the "Email" app: 

Click the Save + Continue button.

Create Template

There are multiple fields required in the Template:

The Subject and Body fields can be set as desired. You can also use values from the "payload" in the Trigger as shown above.  In this example I used the field that shows the hostname in the Subject and a link to the original file in the Body. 

For the attachment field, you use the data from step 2 (Convert File). Select the field Output File.

⚠️ With Zapier Email there is a maximum attachment filesize of 25MB. However, the Attachment field in the template indicates that alternatives may be better when your file is over ~10mb. Alternative options to reduce filesize may be available but are not supported by us.

Click "Continue".

Send a test email

In the next step, you let Zapier send a test. If everything was configured correctly, you'll receive an email like this:

Activate Zap

In the next step, name your Zap and turn it on:

🎉 Congratulations! Your Stillio screenshots will now be emailed to you as PDF files.

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