Email screenshots

Email notifications can be sent to you when a new screenshot is created. You'll receive an alert on the email address associated with your account, containing a full height low-resolution image of the screenshot, a download link and a link to the full-size page in your account. Notifications are enabled by default when you are evaluating a free trial account.

💡 Alternative email formats like PDF can be customized using Zapier

Of course, you're free to forward the email to others but keep in mind that they cannot access or download the full-size screenshot since that's associated with your account and requires to be logged in. Alternatively, you can change Sharing settings to make the screenshots for this webpage accessible to anyone with the unique link. 

Enable email notification

From the main (grid or list) page

Look for the light grey envelope icon. This can be turned on and off by clicking it. When it is turned on (highlighted) you will receive an email when a new screenshot is taken. Turned off (light grey) means that no emails will be sent for this Webpage.

From a specific URL page

Select a Webpage from the main page. Switch the toggle box to enable or disable email notifications:

Change or add recipients

If you want to receive email notifications on a different mail address than the one associated with your account, or when you want to have it sent to multiple addresses, you can. 

Go to Your Settings > Apps > Screenshot notifications. You can add up to 5 recipients. Adding one or more addresses will only send to those recipients and no longer to the mail address associated with your account. If you want that address to receive the notifications as well, you need to add it too.

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