Add Capture Delays

Before screenshots are captured, we carry out some checks to ensure that the webpage has completed loading. Though this is mostly very accurate, there may be situations where certain elements on the page are loaded a little later. This happens when the webpage continually makes requests for more resources. 

Since we do not know exactly how much time those " extra" requests need to complete, we provide an option that will force our render engine to wait for a little longer (before taking the screenshot) in order to allow the webpage to properly load in case there is any prolonged load time. This feature can easily be set up using expert mode. Procedure below:

Step 1: Turn on "Expert mode":

Step 2: Add the Delay

You can select from the available values of the " Delay" option (1-60 seconds). For most cases where delays need to be added, we have found that setting the value to 5 seconds proved to be very promising but you can set it to any value of your choice, which gives you better results.

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