Capture Facebook screenshots

Capturing Facebook pages requires that you provide some information from your Facebook account to your Stillio screenshot settings. You will need to copy the cookie from your Facebook page and then add that to the "Cookie" section of your webpage settings using the expert mode.

⚠️ Note: As cookies like these contain authentication data, in general it is advised not to share with others. This article only describes the technical way to use it for capturing screenshots, but use at your own risk. As a result, using Stillio for this is considered experimental and unsupported.

Why is using cookies important while capturing?

Below are two different screenshots of a page captured - one without cookies and the other with cookies.

Without cookies

With cookies

In this article, we use the  EditThisCookie Chrome extension to fetch cookie data. For a more general technical approach that works in other browsers, follow the guide here: Capture screenshots by setting cookies on a page.

⚠️ Note: At the moment, Facebook cookies have a validity period of up to 1 year but the cookies may become invalid before the said amount of time if you log out of your 'regular' Facebook account on other devices. So when you log in again, ensure that you update the cookies on your Stillio account too😅.

Step 1:

Download this Google extension

Step 2: 

Visit the Facebook page you want to capture (ensure you are logged in), look for the extension icon, and click on it:

Step 3:

Facebook uses the combination of two cookies for its user authentication. The cookies are named  c_user and xs. Copy their values and head over to your Stillio dashboard.

Step 4:

Paste the values in this format:

xs= cookievalue

into the Cookie section like so:

Step 5 (optional): 

Setting the "Delay" value to 5 seconds has proven to yield better screenshot results. You may even set it to a higher value, as desired, and see how pixel-perfect the screenshots appear.

Step 6: 

Click “Add Webpage”. Congratulations, we have successfully set that up 🎉.


Frequently asked questions about capturing Facebook screenshots

Screenshots keep appearing with login page on them

This is most likely because the Facebook cookies on your Stillio account have become invalid. Log into your Facebook account again and then update the cookies on your Stillio account.

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