Mark screenshots as favorite

You may have a preference over some screenshots and would want to mark them as favorites. This is even common when you have many screenshots being captured. We provide an option that will save you endless clickings in search of a specific screenshot. With the " Favorite" option, you can easily toggle to select your preference. 

Screenshots can be added to the favorites list either

  • from the page containing all the screenshots
  • from an individual screenshot page

Mark screenshot as favorite from "All screenshots" page

You can mark the screenshots as favorites here by clicking on the  favorites icon (annotated red). When the color of the icon is grey, it means that the current selection has not been marked as favorite and when it turns red, it indicates that the screenshot has been added to the favorite screenshots list and consequently, can be found in the "Favorites" tab.

Mark screenshot as favorite from "individual screenshot" page

When a specific screenshot has been selected, you also have the option to mark it as a favorite screenshot.

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