Sitemap-based Screenshots


Stillio can now capture up to a million or more pages by providing a single link to your hosted sitemap.xml file. When the sitemap changes, your captured webpages will also automatically be updated to reflect the current URLs in your sitemap file.

Sitemap-based URL captures

The previously existing page-based sitemap feature allows you to capture your website when you provide either the URL(s) or the link to the hosted sitemap file. The webpages in your account will not be updated automatically when the sitemap changes as it's a one-time fetch only. With the new sitemap-based feature, when you provide the link to the hosted sitemap file, Stillio will automatically manage (add or remove) the webpages and screenshots in your account whenever the sitemap file changes. This is a game-changer, especially for users that want to archive their entire website without needing to manually manage the changes on the sitemap file. This will significantly save users' time and costs.

How it works

  • Share sitemap: To get started with this new feature, simply provide us the link to your site’s hosted sitemap.xml file and our automated systems will handle everything.
  • Watermarks: The watermarks option is natively integrated into this feature. You can choose to have the screenshots watermarked or not. The watermark contains important details such as the date and time the screenshot was captured and also the URL of the webpage. This will add more credibility to the screenshots.
  • Capture frequency: Just like before, Stillio will capture all pages at your desired capture frequency.
  • New user interface: For a better user experience, a new UI has been created to manage the screenshots. The screenshots will be viewed in batches instead of per individual page-URL. To get a specific screenshot(s), there’s a sort and filter option. For example, if you want to view a past screenshot in which the page is no longer available on the sitemap, you can filter by date and order parameters in order to obtain it.

Get started

You can join other beta users and start archiving your entire website without manually managing them by visiting this link.

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