Limit screenshot overuse

What is overuse?

Overuse is when your account generates more screenshots than the number of included screenshots in your monthly subscription. Overuse is calculated at the end of the month and charged together with the payment for the new month. 

Overuse only applies to subscription plans that have a certain number of screenshots per month included. This concerns certain legacy plans and the current Top Shot plan. For details, check the Pricing page.

How to limit overuse (only for plans with metered billing)

⚠️ The Top Shot plan by default is limited to 6,000 screenshots. If you need more, contact support to enable.

If you don't want to generate more screenshots than included in your monthly fee, there are two options:

  1. Make sure that your webpage capture frequencies won't exceed your included monthly screenshots. For example, if you have 50 webpages with daily captures, you can predict that the screenshot count will be approx 50 x 30 = 1,500 screenshots, depending on the number of days in the running month.
  2. Enable our "Don't allow overuse" option on your Subscription page. Before a screenshot is created, the system checks if you have not yet exceeded your plan's screenshots.
    Note that a small overuse may sometimes occur if you have more than one webpage scheduled within the same minute. In this situation, the usage counter may have reached the overuse limit while one or more screenshot captures were still in progress.

⚠️ Overuse is not possible:

  • When you use a prepaid debit card, it is not allowed to create more screenshots than included in your plan. If your plan does not offer enough screenshots, consider using a credit card, upgrading to a bigger plan, or changing the capture settings of your web pages.
    This only applies to new subscriptions or upgrades/downgrades that have been started after Dec 1, 2018.
  • When you cancel your subscription, you may not generate more screenshots than included in your plan. If you already have exceeded the plan's screenshots, you will be charged for the overuse upon cancelation. Further overuse will be limited. 
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