Account Handover

If you wish to transfer ownership of your account to someone else for reasons such as leaving a company, etc., we've made the process seamless for you.

Step 1

Change the email on and pass on your password to the new account holder. You could also change the "Name" field to the name of the new account holder.

Step 2

The new account holder can log in with the new mail address and existing password, and set a new password at

Step 3

If the payment details need to be updated (new card perhaps), you can do so at

Integrated Apps

If you have a Dropbox/Google Drive account linked and that account is a personal one, it may be needed to change that to the new holder as well. Clicking the Re-authorize button on will take care of that. Handing over the older screenshots from your Dropbox is beyond our reach, but you can use the copy/move functionality from Dropbox itself for that.


If the new account holder would like some onboarding assistance, they can always reach out to our support team by email or book a free zoom call 🧑💻 with us.

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