Timestamp screenshots with a watermark

Stillio allows users to include a watermark on their screenshots. The watermark contains information such as the timestamp and the webpage URL. This feature is in private beta and readily available upon request by contacting our support team (support@stillio.com).

Once activated, the desired watermark will appear on all captured screenshots. 

Text watermark


For the watermark, we have various settings to make it look as you need it. We support the following settings:
  • Font color and size
  • Line spacing and text-align
  • Background color and size (padding)
  • Opacity of watermark. Options are: between 0 and 1
  • Location of the watermark (also called 'gravity'). Options are: topLeft, top, topRight, left, center, right, bottomLeft, bottom, and bottomRight
  • Rotation of the watermark. Options are: between -90 and 180
  • Offset of the watermark (margin from the edges)
  • Width of the image to use as a watermark, in pixels (for image watermark only)
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